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MNOLG Program 6: Le-Koro

We’ve dug up another little pile of nostalgia for all the Bionicle fans out there! Le-Koro was the focus of Program 6, developed around June of 2001. It was discovered by breaking through a cavern with Taipu’s help, and the bright colors and fresh air of the forest made a welcome contrast to Onu-Koro’s dark, claustrophobic caverns.

Nonetheless, the cheerful setting contradicts an ominous quiet, as no Le-Korans can be found, and the village appears abandoned - at first.


TAIPU: Le-Koro is right through those trees, I bet. Won’t you take me with you to see it?  QUESTION 1: Yes, I will take you, Taipu.

Kahu Side Flying Animation

TAMARU: You are the brave wanderer that some speak of! Braver still, for coming to Le-Koro!

Hawk 1

"In last rainfall Kongu on patrol saw Rama-hive growing topleaf-high, far in dark forest. Lateknowing Tohunga, Rama infected by Makuta! One drift ago, cloudsneaking Nui-Rama fly on Le-Koro to destroy all. Quicksoaring Kahu-riders treelaunch, and great battles fought! Village still stands, but many lost!"

Hawk 2

"Nui-Rama, buzzflying rahi! Hundred-eye, allseeing, fright and fury! Makuta-Madness makes even worse! Wings mash, pincers grab! No chance for Tohunga alone, only Toa bold enough to stand against it, yet cunning Rama sneak-swoop-smash and fly out of reach!"


What follows is the original outline for Program 6, “Lewa’s Deliverance:”

When the Onu-Koran Subtransect finally breaks through the earth into Le-Wahi, the Onu-Korans encounter something completely unexpected: silence. Taipu is particularly disappointed, as he had been looking forward to hearing the Le-Korans’ music.

Finding this suspicious, Onepu instructs Taipu and the other tunnellers to make camp underground, at the tunnel’s exit. He then returns with his Ussalry to Whenua, to report their findings.

The Visitor proceeds through the jungle to Le-Koro, a dramatic village suspended in the forest. The natives, however, are nowhere to be seen.


QUESTION 2: Who is Matau? KONGU: Matau the Singer! Down talk, up singing! Friend and laughter! In lifedawn years past, was known Matau Kewa Champion! Matau, great Turaga of Le-Koro and soul of the forest people! Gone! Gone! Taken by Makuta’s Rahi!

Storyboard 1

In the center of town is a platform, where a collection of musical instruments sit, apparently abandoned. One of these items is a FLUTE, which, when clicked on, reveals a row of buttons that glow intermittently. When a button is pressed, it makes a sound. If the player follows the pattern and rhythm of the flashing lights, a song is created, and Le-Korans begin to appear from out of the forest.

Storyboard 2

Among them is Tamaru and Kongu, who explain the mystery:

Some time ago a plague of Kahu Rahi began to build a nest on the edge of the forest. From time to time flocks of them descend on the village, and have carried off many of the Le-Koran inhabitants. In the last raid, Matau himself was carried off. None of the victims were ever seen again. Some Tohunga that have been near to the nest talk of a monster who rules it, commanding all of the Kahu.

Storyboard 3

Tamaru points out that the Le-Suva has revealed all of the masks; Matau says that this means Lewa has found all the masks he needed, and should be returning to it. He, too, has disappeared. They believe he has been captured, or worse.

Storyboard 4

The Le-Korans have been mounting their own scouting missions (on Kahu), flying near the nest and trying to find a way inside. Kongu’s Second (a Tohunga who operates the disc-cannon mounted on the Kahu) was lost in the last raid; he invites the Visitor to replace him.


Traveler, will you be my Second? My Kahu stays treebound without a Disc-thrower!


Ride as Kongu’s Second?




I hope your Disc-arm is as strong as your nerve! Lewa protect us! Let’s go!




Then downtree go! Safe there from Rama-swarm! I will find another!


Had enough windriding, traveler? Or liking the taste of it, now? The Rama-swarm rages!


Ride as Kongu’s Second?




Hope the trees deliver us gently if we are knocked down! Let’s go!




Then downtree go! Safe there from Rama-swarm! I will find another!

Storyboard 5

The Visitor mounts the Kahu Rahi and flies with Tamaru and Kongu to rescue Matau. This may be a “rail” game (similar to House of the Dead), where the player fires disks at enemy Kahu as scenery slides by.

Storyboard 6

Once inside the Kahu nest, the Visitor is shot down by the leader of the Kahu; this turns out to be none other than Lewa himself, who is wearing an infected mask.

Storyboard 7

QUESTION 3: Who is Lewa? KONGU: Lewa, great Toa of Air! Hero of Le-Koro! Gone away in quest for the Great Kanohi. If he were here, he would save us, for he has faced greater dangers than this, and survived!

When the Visitor awakens, he is imprisoned in a gooey, metallic cell, somewhere inside the Hive. Matau, Tamaru and Kongu are also here. Kahu eggs are all around, and Matau fears that they will someday be food for the larvae.

Flying Minigame

When the Visitor plays a tune on the Flute, the sound carries out into the forest, and also underground. Taipu, digging beneath Le-Wahi, hears it and summons Onua, who emerges into the Visitor’s cell in a thunderous explosion of earth and stone.

Hive Interior

"You are not of this tribe, so I will tell you of Lewa, but you must swear not to reveal what I am about to say to anyone.

Lewa is here. But he will not save us.

The great Toa is the same in body, in strength, and in speed. But his mind is gone. He has been attacked by the Makuta and enslaved by evil. His Great Mask of Power has been replace with an infected mask, and the only way to bring him back is to take it off. And I know of nothing with the strength to overcome him.

He has become more fearsome and horrible than any Rahi. We shall never escape this place. All that is left to us is song, and what small comfort it brings.”

Storyboard 8

Lewa immediately leaps onto Onua, and there is a terrible struggle, as Lewa’s speed easily allows him to rain fierce blows upon the sluggish Onua. But Onua’s strength prevails, and only needs a brief lapse in Lewa’s guard to connect with a crushing blow, which knocks Lewa’s infected mask clean off.

Storyboard 9

Before Onua gets a chance to completely destroy Lewa, Matau leaps forward and explains that Lewa is a Toa, and has been under the control of the Makuta. Onua helps Lewa up and the two of them overpower the Kahu and help the Tohunga escape back to Le-Koro.

Storyboard 11

Lewa arrives at the shrine, descends, and returns with the Golden Mask.

Storyboard 11

"Take this Flutesong, it fits in the Flute you found. Whenever you need help from sunsoaring Le-Koro, playsong and you will have it!"

Completing Program 6 rewarded the player with one of the best items in the game: a way to call down a Kahu from the sky and ride it to any location on the map. 

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