Jun 20

MNOLG Storyboards: P3-5

Here again is a handful of relics from the Mata Nui Online Game, namely programs 3 through 5, wherein the player travels from Ta-Koro through Ga-Koro, Po-Koro and finally Onu-Koro - mostly flowcharts and paper-napkin-map sketches. The layout of the screens became more complex with these programs, and the sixth, Le-Koro, was reached actually by backtracking. By introducing red herrings in earlier programs, we were able to create rewards later by making them the keys to reaching new content. A good example of this was the tantalizing yet unusable cable-car in Ta-Koro that eventually led to the seventh program, and, shown here, the complex tunnel systems in Onu-Koro that would eventually open into program six.


An ealry sketch of some frames from Gali’s cutscene.


Doodles of the approach to Po-Koro.


The first of many pages of notes of Onu-Koro’s labyrinth.


More doodles of Onu-Koro’s locations.


Notes on Taipu’s mining animations.


The ussal crab.



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